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Simon, feat. Martin Luther King Jr. - FREE AT LAST {from psychiatry}


Even if psychiatry became free, giving nothing is still getting nothing.

A dream exists that the abused-by-psychiatry will permit themselves to recognize they were abused.

  • we do-not need permission from “experts” to analyze them correctly as abusers; you can know it and grow without them

  • your discomfiture is understandable; you are not having “symptoms” of some slandering bully’s “diagnosis”

  • you are allowed to be commited to Godly-living instead of listening to those who can commit you

  • we can determine what is or is not help – not a business

Should the raped seek assistance from current-rapists?
This psychiatric AWOL helped make the dream become evident in-the-self and will continue to encourage others.


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{originally-published 2013 May; AUTHOR: Jon Rappoport}

These days, we are witnessing an acceleration in the use of psychiatry to target Americans, to label them as dangerous, to take away guns they own, to blame gun violence in the US on mentally ill people.

It’s a winning strategy, because most Americans don’t have a clue about the way psychiatry actually works or its pose of being a science.

The public hears techno-speak and nods and surrenders.

If psychiatrists are experts on the human mind, mice can navigate the Arctic in canoes. But psychiatrists are educated to be able to talk a good game.

And politicians are more than happy to mouth vagaries, and consign the problems of society to “mental-health professionals.”

It turns out that the phrase “mental health” was invented by psyops specialists, who needed to create an analogy to physical well-being.
The needed to, because the...

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I was passing a “Dollar General” today and I took a peek
{getting the last of the chocolate milk, so that was fine}.

I liked coming-upon the Halloween candies, but …
I recall my first reaction was a bit of chuckle from
“this is too-early”. I am not a big candy-eater, and I
might get something on-sale after the time {I think that
is more-fun}, but all of the availability seemed silly.

Indeed, I loathe summer and it has nothing that reminds
of the season I like most. I would not want to go on a hay-ride
in the sweat or get Halloween items over two-months in advance.

Back here, I heard an announcer on the radio talking of seeing pumpkin cider … something next-season-related … and wondered about what
others think of items being available now. From whom I heard in person
or on the airwaves, most think it is all okay no-matter what.

Forget about candy gunk: Is it simply “too early” for...

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  • https://www.bitchute.com/video/oQJkFxBAXids/

  • lyrics and various-comments:

Just in July 2023, I heard this interesting 2007 tune from EDITORS called “Smokers Outside the Hospital Doors”. It reminded me of the puffers outside the ‘behavioural health’ doors of the non “Helping Hand” location.

Earlier on, there was a full-yard available for people {smokers or not} …
and I recall free-horses beyond a wooden fence.

Eventually around 2014, perhaps, constructed was an area with the building and windows on one edge and a chain-link fence at the other spots {an outdoors hallway of sorts and extension of the doors}. Even the non-smokers were to be in the small area {and there surely were no more picnic-benches}. I stepped out there once or twice, but it was never too
seek a scent I needed to be around … or somewhere I wanted to be where...

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During a bowel-movement this morning, I saw how one
piece was particularly black at one ending {instead of
brown} like the rest of that piece + other segments.

It inspired me.

on its self-loving throne, psychiatry sits …
lording over people it treats like poo;
rottenness comes within bowels of it …
like the rump perching on the loo

as I ponder here about what I lay,
please leave a tight-hole of psychiatry, my friend;
for, just like this turd which escaped today,
‘twas found more dark at the end

{NOTE: some of this prose was actually done today (7/18/2023);
this writing was in the waiting to be published and I was
'relieved’ (haha) to finish it today}

So, this is a second feces-ish item here.

I thought that was funny/interesting and was thinking along the same lines.

Well, I can imagine someone surmising that I must...

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Mr. Napoleon Dynamite dance-praises the UNSTOPPABLE GOD

vote for.jpg


{rather than have much in that video’s writeup-area, I place it here}

I have been enjoying this tune I found only on the seventh {Elevation Worship’s UNSTOPPABLE GOD}

it is flippin’ sweet how much of it seemed to be fitting with the flick’s
routine without the need to edit the dance moves to try and match

all I did were to obtain the version of the tune that gets into the words quicker {a radio-edit/version} … add a fitting-amount of seconds at the
start … and remove some of the tune at the end to fit the moment the song used in the movie cut-out {indeed, it is even more-awkward now!}

some of the interesting-notices {may not all-be in order …
I added some over time}:

  • legs-apart as “in the dust You formed”

  • “and the mountains moved” {lifting arms to a ‘mountain’ and turning to move}

  • “unstoppable God” grabbing at the sky

  • the “freedom...

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I had too-much for the video’s writeup, so I place it here:

it took over 20 years, but I finally-learned how to make some peace with the past and present so I can be better in the future {and, without anything related to your philosophy/business}

reader, if you were also forced a drug within a hospital – that was rape

you are not going to hear that word from within the system;
for me, I needed to deal with the experience knowing that term

let your mind see it not as care or treatment, for it was mistreatment and not caring

know it as a correct word and how it affected not a ‘symptom’; I called it more than what others in the abusive-system claim … and that I can believe myself.

in hospital prisons, I did not receive “care” or anything truly “in my best interest”; those are wordings from ones who deny the action of abuse; there are plenty...

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MORE “Less Of Me”

7-9 January, 2022: On the 28th last-month is when I first heard of Loretta Lynn singing “Less Of Me” in a video. Although country-music, I liked the tune and wanted to have more of it {but less of me}.

So, since it was unfamiliar, I figured I had the first rendition and not a cover. Looking into information, we find that Glen Campbell’s considered the first noted-singer to give music to the words in 1965. The lyrics are a poem from Mr. Edgar A. Guest {1881-1959}. It “was published around 1909, whereupon it became very popular and was often quoted in magazines/journals and included in devotional calendars. Glen called the song ‘Less of Me’ and Guest called the wording ‘A Creed’.”


Let me be a little kinder,
Let me be a little blinder
To the faults of those around me,
Let me praise a little more;
Let me be, when I am weary
Just a little bit more cheery,
Let me serve a little...

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Nerds are cool.
I speak of people, as well as the classic {Willy} Wonka candies.

Books are cool.
All those lines that make letters which form sentences
that form, hopefully, coherent statements that progress
in telling a story or idea? Writing can be awesome!

I am glad there are more and more decent books available to
help expose the frequent-wrongs from psychiatry/social work.

I am a bookworm and now, free of psychiatry and brain-debilitating
psychiatric drugs {anticonvulsants}, am able to understand my lot
better … and, eventually create my own!

Here’s some from the collection I have …

  • Psychoheresy
  • Your Drug May Be Your Problem {Breggin}
  • Medication Madness
  • Making Us Crazy
  • Auntie Psychiatry {anonymous}

Be a bookworm of info critical of psychiatry. You may be saving your life.

Of great interest to me, definitely, is how I have never read a full one of those books. Hardly...

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“9/11” - time to party?

So, we are at the 20th anniversary of the truthfulness-still-debated-by-some hijackings of jets that crashed into various buildings in New York City and another into the Pentagon-building.

I heard in a talk this morning on the WHYY news-radio how this is a day of rememberance … and that there were going to be “celebrations” today.
Was that a slip of the tongue? There were no attempts to correct, so I doubt it; we have just really-lame writing/preperation and another example {thought smaller} of why I do not care for the broadcasting of news.

Seriously, do you believe there will not-be any people enjoying foods and music excessively? Of course, there will be folks wanting to have company/
something to do during the pandemic-situation. Combined with the day being on a weekend, it will be seen by many as a second “Labor Day” and
a mere time to “party”.

I had no interest in a gathering...

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