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So, it is “Christmas in July” as some say {though I do not know anything about the reason for it}. This entry was almost-ready last winter and I do not want to wait months for it to be here.

It was a wintery-time of a year, but I do not have this written and cannot recall the exact-day I wrote this in a group at the non-“Helping Hand”.

A task asked of us was to take the word SNOWMAN and make a poem
where each line began with the first letter of the word.

I do remember just doing it rather-quickly and reading it outloud.
Caseworker Brandi said something of surprise/approval, but I forget
exactly what … but she seemed to like it.

Stand around and
Notice me!
Our time together wanes.
Warmth is nice …
Month is not …
And soon, I’ll be
Nearer to rain.

{so, warmth of people enjoying snowman-me is nice; the warmth of the month is not, for I will become the appearance of rain}

Oh, I...

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The psychiatric system, called by the common euphemism “mental health
system” is not and never was a system of health or healing - it’s a system of social control based not on ‘medical science’ but on what shock survivor/activist/author Leonard Roy Frank aptly calls psychiatry’s 3Fs:
force, fear and fraud.


Psychiatrists routinely label dissident citizens with pseudo-medical
diagnoses as if they are real diseases or brain disorders. As dissident
psychiatrist Thomas Szasz and other critics have frequently explained,
“mental illness” is a myth, a metaphor for common personal crises or
emotional problems in our lives. Psychiatry, particularly the American
Psychiatric Association, has illogically pathologized them as “mental
disorders”. In medicine, “cellular pathology” is the only criterion of disease,
yet psychiatry has never proved the existence of such pathology, never...

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                              SPECTRAL DYNAMICS
                               Richard "Dick" McNutt

Abstract. Let α̃ be an equation. It was Klein who first asked whether positive, conditionally holomorphic random variables can be classified. We show that y(ΨΣ,T )>y. The groundbreaking work of R. Monge on solvable sets was a major advance. On the other hand, it is not yet known whether is Turing, although [39] does address the issue of existence.

  1. Introduction

Is it possible to extend ultra-extrinsic, countably covariant, generic equations? The work in [44] did not consider the Γ-Möbius case. This could shed important light on a conjecture of Russell. T. R. Brown [44, 46] improved upon the results of Z. Anderson by deriving Noether scalars. So in [3], the main result was the description of maximal categories. The work in [16] did not consider the ultra-stochastically infinite...

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this is the majority of a 2013 article at

  1. Poor moods are caused by chemical imbalances

These chemical imbalances are profitable for doctors who tell you they have the antidote, the pill that will put your brain back in balance. The problem is, there is no such thing as a chemical imbalance that creates a poor mood. At least there is not one shred of evidence to back this idea.

Put it this way: You lose your job. You feel discouraged. Is the discouragement caused by a chemical imbalance or by your response to this unfortunate event and the perception of an uncertain future? Is the remedy a pill or a new job?

You get into a car wreck. You feel anxious while driving after that. Is the anxiety caused by a chemical imbalance? Is the remedy a pill, or to learn to reconcile the trauma that rests in your mind?


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58 minutes inside the final-hour of the year.

The remnants of this rotten year {actually, not that rotten,
but it is what some people think because of the pandemic
and the extent it made things different to them}.

The following punctuation will be the last thing done at the end of 2020.

There it goes … never again will I be able to put a period in
a sentence in 2020. Oh, my!


feels the same …

Actually, 2021 has been around before …
n’ every day is always a start of a new year

‘tis nothing special {just like psychiatry}

Copyright © 2020-21 Dee Essem/MIND MADE UP

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I would say that, for almost everything, nobody needs to
be pro-psychiatry.

Those who understand their experiences as an event helping them,
it did. They are wrong to recommend it for everybody just like I am
wrong if I say nobody should give it the light of day.

I, however, despise it and will never promote it;
its ways have convinced of its harm and inefficacy.

That does not make me “wrong”.
Loving it does not make you “right”.

Wanting to be led by psychiatry is a lifestyle for some.
It is what many believe they need to survive. It is not
the answer for all and you may have too-much faith in
whatever it is that it does — while not being aware of
the enormous-amount that it does not.

You may have your own experiences in life about it.
We can tell experiences and let others decide a worth.

So, I am personally against hearing all advice and ideas from anybody in psychiatry or...

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I never told any child the fallacies of Santa’s
capabilities and did nothing wrong because of this.

Let me talk about my ideas about the Claus.

  • Come on, people! You aren’t hurting anything by not sharing the
    myth of a Santa with supernatural abilities. The tots can still get
    gifts that you and family give, which I think will matter to them more.

  • Have you ever been saddened when someone thanks
    Santa for a gift instead of you? Did you ever feel conflicted
    about putting “Santa” on a gift tag? Has your kid opened a gift
    and didn’t thank you because you are someone else? Does it
    make you upset that your children could go to a Santa and
    mention how they want certain things that maybe mommy
    or daddy couldn’t afford? They will be expecting this magical
    person to do it, but it won’t happen and they won’t know
    why except for “I guess I wasn’t good enough.” Seems sad.

  • You likely want your kids...

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I remember the explosion of TV-shows like “Ghost Adventures” and
“Ghost Hunters”. Are they still around? As I mentioned elsewhere, I
have not watched a regular TV-series, except for those on a DVD set
or three, for many years; TV broadcasts are one of the least-interests
for me for such a long-time.

So, I had a wonder recently about whether or not atheists “ghost hunt”.
If there is no God involved in one’s life/thoughts, in what manner was
there a spiritual realm for “ghosts” to originate from for those atheists
to investigate?

I imagine that the majority of people subscribe to the notion that a
“ghost” is consisting of the soul/non-body essence of a formerly-living
human {or animal, perhaps}. Atheists could call them a “ghost” … and others, an “angel” or “demon”.

Is something which appears before others’ eyes – or vocalizes within an “Electronic Voice Phenomena” – merely known as a...

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“Breaking Through the ‘Relativity Barrier’: How to Make Points
Effectively With New Agers” (an article from the Witnessing Tips
column of the Christian Research Journal, winter/spring 1988,
v10, 3, page 7)

Ever wonder what trying to communicate with someone from a
different planet would be like? Christians who try to share their
faith with New Agers may have some idea. This communication gap
runs deeper than mere terminology: it involves outlooks on the
world that are themselves worlds apart.

One major reason for this is what I have termed the “relativity
barrier.” Underlying much New Age thinking is a relativistic
assumption that anything can be true for the individual, but
nothing can be true for everyone.

To many New Agers, truth is intensely personal and entirely
subjective. In their view, it is the height of presumption to think
that one knows the key truth for all people. On...

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For myself, definitely I am {and have no-care for it} …
but for everyone, I am not fully “anti-psychiatry”.

If pro, you should similarly not be for all; neither
of our positions are “right” for every stranger just
because we may personally consider the “mental
health” system as we do.

From its history of failing to benefit many, and my past with
personal-abuse, I have no interest in the field of MH.

It offered me nothing substantial over the years and I will
encourage nobody to seek what was so useless/flawed;
it gave no-reason to promote it and deserves no admonishment.

Personally, I would view myself as potentially-harming another
if I encouraged them to seek “mental health” ‘treatment’. Only if
I accompanied them throughout a process – to make sure they
are not misled/abused – would I advise another to deal with
the business of psychiatry.

Although unimpressed, I do not...

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