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Octobre. (I like that spelling)

The month with the Halloween holiday.

Mad scientists within pharmacology and psychiatry (who can make others
into zombies any time of the year) will be in full-force. Let’s always expose
those whose tricks are certainly not treats. I’m glad to be here and help.

Here’s a recent experience with an anti-convulsant
(a worst moment that really caused me to have a
lot of processing difficulties).


That drug’s negativity became the finality. No more are anti-convulsant prescriptions being allowed in my life; I’m fed-up with trying one item
after another and suffering from effects {while still having a similar
amount of fainting-spells}.

True, I blame bad neurology for the problems at that time from the
Fycompa poison, but psychiatry uses a lot of ACs in its practice. Things
that may cause disruption of a...

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“Breaking Through the ‘Relativity Barrier’: How to Make Points
Effectively With New Agers” (an article from the Witnessing Tips
column of the Christian Research Journal, winter/spring 1988,
v10, 3, page 7)

Ever wonder what trying to communicate with someone from a
different planet would be like? Christians who try to share their
faith with New Agers may have some idea. This communication gap
runs deeper than mere terminology: it involves outlooks on the
world that are themselves worlds apart.

One major reason for this is what I have termed the “relativity
barrier.” Underlying much New Age thinking is a relativistic
assumption that anything can be true for the individual, but
nothing can be true for everyone.

To many New Agers, truth is intensely personal and entirely
subjective. In their view, it is the height of presumption to think
that one knows the key truth for all people. On...

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For myself, definitely I am {and have no-care for it} …
but for everyone, I am not fully “anti-psychiatry”.

If pro, you should similarly not be for all; neither
of our positions are “right” for every stranger just
because we may personally consider the “mental
health” system as we do.

From its history of failing to benefit many, and my past with
personal-abuse, I have no interest in the field of MH.

It offered me nothing substantial over the years and I will
encourage nobody to seek what was so useless/flawed;
it gave no-reason to promote it and deserves no admonishment.

Personally, I would view myself as potentially-harming another
if I encouraged them to seek “mental health” ‘treatment’. Only if
I accompanied them throughout a process – to make sure they
are not misled/abused – would I advise another to deal with
the business of psychiatry.

Although unimpressed, I do not...

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It is from 2013, but I heard only-recently this song
called Overcomer from someone known as “Mandisa”.

Yet a bit ‘off’, to me, in some lyrics.


you’re an overcomer
stay in the fight until the final round

you’re not going under
‘cause God is holding you right now

you might be down for a moment
feeling like it’s hopeless
that’s when He reminds You
that you’re an overcomer …
you’re an overcomer!

Sure, it is fine to be strong-willed and want to overcome a trial …
but you are not a success until you are and something is overcome.

I am AWOL from psychiatry and, thus, overcame it being a part of a
negative in life. I deleted my unhelpful-lingering in a sad and maddening
environment {along with the anticonvulsant drugs from neurology that made me an addict with slower-cognition}. As for the collection of disappointments which all-such situations/chemicals...

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So, according to the “mind experts”, if you have less than the amount
of “symptoms” to fit certain DSM/insurance-label criteria, you are still diagnosable with a form that would have an NOS attached to the end.

NOS: Not Otherwise Specified?!? Wow, that is laughably ultra-lame.
Instead of considering it as something helpful, it is easier to see it mostly
as a confession showing how someone is clueless and just taking-a-shot.
They need to have you as something, so there you are.

Are you trying only to be a better person based on what
“professionals” think encompasses the idea of “better” person?

Do you conform to and modify your life around the
{not otherwise} specifications assigned from psychiatry/ology?

Your “anxiety” was, at one time, not even called so. Since there was
no name, one can surmise that it did not exist {the feelings still did;
humans get nervous}. Why let yourself...

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I wrote concerning independence early-on:


Here are some thoughts about flicks related to alien-
attacks & the American Fourth Of July/Independence Day.

  • “Independence Day” {ID4} (1996?)

    • from what I recall, this was much too-long and I just did not have that much interest in it; sure, there were some decent special-effects and the soundtrack was grand at times, but this is my least-favourite of the three mentioned here; even though I am about to mention it, does it need stating that the ending was laughably-lame by using a computer “virus” to bring-down the crafts {shades of “War Of the Worlds”}?
  • “Independence DAYsaster” (2014)

    • the title was cool to me; the teen nerd-hackers were funny at times and not extremely over-the-top; the ending is annoying – but still fair, with the last...

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Silencing Critics and Suppressing Free Speech

Psychiatry is evil because in addition to imprisoning (forcibly “hospitalizing”), torturing and killing law-abiding people, damaging brains and causing neurological disease with psychiatric drugs, and ruining people’s lives with psychiatric stigma, and deceiving to the public and law makers about what psychiatry is and can do, psychi­atrists retaliate against those who attempt to reveal psychiatry as the quackery and violation of human rights it is. In his book Anatomy of an Epidemic (Crown Publishers 2010, pp. 304-312), Robert Whitaker puts it this way:

American psychiatry has told the public a false story over the past thirty years. The field promoted the idea that its drugs fix chemical imbalances in the brain when they do no such thing … In order to keep that tale of scientific progress afloat (and to protect its own belief in that

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“I believe psychiatry epitomizes what’s evil.”

Psychiatrist Peter R. Breggin, M.D.,

at his Empathic Therapy Conference

April 26, 2013, Syracuse, N.Y. “You have no idea how cruel psychiatry is.

… This is really a battle between good and evil.”

Psychiatrist Peter R. Breggin, M.D.

at his Empathic Therapy Conference

April 17-19, 2015, at Michigan State University

E. Lansing, Michigan

To most human beings, killing another human being is the epitome of evil. Torturing a living human being may be even more cruel and even more evil.
By either definition, psychiatry qualifies as evil.

Deaths Caused by Psychiatry’s “Medications”

Most psychiatry deaths are caused by psychiatry’s so-called medications. Psychiatry’s most lethal drugs are the so-called anti­psychotic, anti-schizo­phrenic, major tranquilizer or neuro­leptic (nerve-seizing) drugs. All these terms are different names for the...

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So, I have never heard of this before and have no certainty about what it means. All I am quite-sure of is the “L"esbian. Do not be mad at me for wondering if the "Q” is for queer {which I thought was an insulting-term
that was used when referring to a person liking the same sex; perhaps it
is now okay in society to be used when in that collection of letters?}.

I think this all has to do with accepting alternative lifestyles or just calling yourself what you like {I.E. “I have, but do not identify with, being a person
with female-genitalia.”} It was the plus-sign at the end that had me curious enough to look.

Okay, so let me just guess:


  • = positivity/proud?

I am looking it up now in the 5pm hour …

and I was almost accurate. The “T” is for transexxual and the “Q” is correct but also could be “questioning”. Gay {not referring to...

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20th July, 2019:

Thanks, Miss Megan.
I found, read, and was
helped by that article today
{and this day of publication, too}.

Despite my disgust of the psychiatric system of “care”,
I have come to accept that they get a bit of leeway in
that it was loaded with ignorant folks. A person with
brain-injury should have a neurology-specialized
person at the forefront of the case {and should not
have been the only-one to realize this}.

If “mental illness” is mainly a physical problem, as
defended by psychiatry, then they should be able
to validate it. They cannot, and I blame neurology
for most of my difficulties. Their anticonvulsants kept
my brain in a slower and messed-up state. Of course,
those drugs are frequently the same used by psychiatry.

The people who have gone through psychiatry-created
traumas and are exposing...

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