Just in July 2023, I heard this interesting 2007 tune from EDITORS called “Smokers Outside the Hospital Doors”. It reminded me of the puffers outside the ‘behavioural health’ doors of the non “Helping Hand” location.

Earlier on, there was a full-yard available for people {smokers or not} …
and I recall free-horses beyond a wooden fence.

Eventually around 2014, perhaps, constructed was an area with the building and windows on one edge and a chain-link fence at the other spots {an outdoors hallway of sorts and extension of the doors}. Even the non-smokers were to be in the small area {and there surely were no more picnic-benches}. I stepped out there once or twice, but it was never too
seek a scent I needed to be around … or somewhere I wanted to be where I could feel as if trapped even-more. I can imagine others’ sadness increasing from seeing an open expanse taken away n’ knowing it was daily either in that area or the building.

During the panic-enhancements formed from news/businesses concerning the “CoViD-19” event, that spot must have been a nuisance for the place. I can picture patients there wearing a forced-mask and them pulling it down with dirty-hands – or even cutting a lil’ hole for the carcinogen tube … the drugged-up “mentally ill” taking more-drugs while in the system/program. That sounds delightful … oh, and I bet there were a lot of those rather-useless masks tossed on the ground with the cigarrette butts.

“now, someone turn us around / (we’ve all been changed from what we were); can we start this again? / (our broken parts smashed on the floor)”

I am thankful to have escaped the criminal, depressing environment before I was there during the event that surely made it even worse for many.

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UPDATE 8/29/23: a spelling-correction and a few word-changes


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