During a bowel-movement this morning, I saw how one
piece was particularly black at one ending {instead of
brown} like the rest of that piece + other segments.

It inspired me.

on its self-loving throne, psychiatry sits …
lording over people it treats like poo;
rottenness comes within bowels of it …
like the rump perching on the loo

as I ponder here about what I lay,
please leave a tight-hole of psychiatry, my friend;
for, just like this turd which escaped today,
‘twas found more dark at the end

{NOTE: some of this prose was actually done today (7/18/2023);
this writing was in the waiting to be published and I was
'relieved’ (haha) to finish it today}

So, this is a second feces-ish item here.

I thought that was funny/interesting and was thinking along the same lines.

Well, I can imagine someone surmising that I must have some fascination with poo. There is no “coprophagia” and I do not eat excrement.

When crap was present, it easily reminded me of something also putrid.

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