Mr. Napoleon Dynamite dance-praises the UNSTOPPABLE GOD

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{rather than have much in that video’s writeup-area, I place it here}

I have been enjoying this tune I found only on the seventh {Elevation Worship’s UNSTOPPABLE GOD}

it is flippin’ sweet how much of it seemed to be fitting with the flick’s
routine without the need to edit the dance moves to try and match

all I did were to obtain the version of the tune that gets into the words quicker {a radio-edit/version} … add a fitting-amount of seconds at the
start … and remove some of the tune at the end to fit the moment the song used in the movie cut-out {indeed, it is even more-awkward now!}

some of the interesting-notices {may not all-be in order …
I added some over time}:

hmmm … that is a whole-lot; I suggest the song was to be in the movie; surely, LaFawnduh borrowed the time-travel device used by Napoleon {it did work} and brought it back from 2014 … it was originally on the cassette tape for Mr. Dynamite to groove too, and LaFawduh saw my video and knew it was the right song … but some freakin’ idiot at Paramount
decided on something less appealing

UPDATE LATER IN THE DAY: I did not know, but considered how it would be something if the Spanish name of Pedro had an interesting meaning; I then read that it is derived from the Hebrew Peter, meaning “stone” or “rock" {which I did know}. So … “Vote For the Rock”, the firm foundation. (-:

UPDATE 7.10 - okay, so I was too-fast in writing originally and goofed:
how could a 2014 tune be used in a film from 2005? ah … fortunately,
I remembered there was a time-travel attempt in the movie

and … I just found this tonight; was it all just an attempt?

so, a song cut-out in the film during the routine;
technology {and psychiatry} are fallible … but God is unstoppable

indeed, Napoleon has mad skills … and is finding them away from the
unnecessary “behavioural health” business which just made him
mad {angry}

whistleblower me:

{protect the innocent; please, be wary of such-places that deceive}

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