I had too-much for the video’s writeup, so I place it here:

it took over 20 years, but I finally-learned how to make some peace with the past and present so I can be better in the future {and, without anything related to your philosophy/business}

reader, if you were also forced a drug within a hospital – that was rape

you are not going to hear that word from within the system;
for me, I needed to deal with the experience knowing that term

let your mind see it not as care or treatment, for it was mistreatment and not caring

know it as a correct word and how it affected not a ‘symptom’; I called it more than what others in the abusive-system claim … and that I can believe myself.

in hospital prisons, I did not receive “care” or anything truly “in my best interest”; those are wordings from ones who deny the action of abuse; there are plenty in “mental health” who love their profession more than genuinely helping a patient emotionally

let us not live to be “mentally ill”; we can be traumatized by “helpers” and unable to cope with it well; AWOL can be exactly what you need … and that is not “crazy”

there is recovery and freedom from psychiatry possible; I am here

let us not expect to find assistance from the very-business that is the fault of distress

you, psychiatry, are the cause of PTSD for many; much “mental illness” is from genuine trauma … something that I believe the business is lax in realizing — and which commonly creates more grief by its methodology

remember, the person of Jesus is not the same as mere-people in a humanistic business who abused you

we do not have to be cruel to ourselves and seek improper “care”; nobody in the system is there to consider a patient could unknowingly perform “self harm” by remaining in that system

I am thankful how I learned this month that a place-of-rape is gone.

as well, I am pleased to be whistleblower me:


they are still around, sadly, yet I did my best and helped call-it-out;
please do not go there and always be wary of such-places that deceive.

I care about truth to patients, more-investigations into “behavioural health” locations, and less-drugging for the “mentally ill”

Are you in a situation where you can help expose “mental illness” fraud?
Do not think that you are not-capable.

You are more important than any selfish businesses.
You can choose God over humanistic, commanding, flippant psychiatry.

How do I know there is a God in the heavens?
I know what has helped me and what has not.

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