“9/11” - time to party?

So, we are at the 20th anniversary of the truthfulness-still-debated-by-some hijackings of jets that crashed into various buildings in New York City and another into the Pentagon-building.

I heard in a talk this morning on the WHYY news-radio how this is a day of rememberance … and that there were going to be “celebrations” today.
Was that a slip of the tongue? There were no attempts to correct, so I doubt it; we have just really-lame writing/preperation and another example {thought smaller} of why I do not care for the broadcasting of news.

Seriously, do you believe there will not-be any people enjoying foods and music excessively? Of course, there will be folks wanting to have company/
something to do during the pandemic-situation. Combined with the day being on a weekend, it will be seen by many as a second “Labor Day” and
a mere time to “party”.

I had no interest in a gathering; it would not seem decent to me. This is not a bloody-holiday or something where thoughts of the occurence bring happiness.

Are your conglomerations today containing anything respectful/honorable, or are you just having fun?

I asked my ma about her-take on it and she agreed. Later in the call, she told me of fireworks going-on around her place and offered how, for example, people usually have moments of silence. We do not know the mindset of the individual using those pyrotechnics, so it could have been
“in memory” of someone they actually knew from the day, but as for those setting-up huge events today?

Tying into psychiatry/ology, which easily comes to me and what I like to do,
consider your possible-time in “behavioural health” or with any such-facilty or individual. Are you being respected as a patient? Is the “therapist” or business’ paperwork on you showing honor in honesty … or does it seem that your personhood being hijacked?


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