I was passing a “Dollar General” today and I took a peek
{getting the last of the chocolate milk, so that was fine}.

I liked coming-upon the Halloween candies, but …
I recall my first reaction was a bit of chuckle from
“this is too-early”. I am not a big candy-eater, and I
might get something on-sale after the time {I think that
is more-fun}, but all of the availability seemed silly.

Indeed, I loathe summer and it has nothing that reminds
of the season I like most. I would not want to go on a hay-ride
in the sweat or get Halloween items over two-months in advance.

Back here, I heard an announcer on the radio talking of seeing pumpkin cider … something next-season-related … and wondered about what
others think of items being available now. From whom I heard in person
or on the airwaves, most think it is all okay no-matter what.

Forget about candy gunk: Is it simply “too early” for fall?
Of course; the changing of the season has not occured.
However, it is never too early … unless currently autumn …
to want it to be autumn again. (-:

Now, what did you think/feel when you read “fall”? Did you notice anything in you from reading the title and then seeing the word again later?

I dislke whenever I hear it used {and I never heard a newsperson call it anything but}. Notice how there is nothing else for the other seasons?
Props to calendars; I have yet to find a “fall” on them.

Treat the season with respect!
It sounds fancy to call it autumn, so let us use that. (-:

I am glad for the moment there is anticipation of autumn and the delight when summer is departing. Viewing items around pertaining to pumpkins and such, when evidence of summer abounds, is not pleasing to me.

In the past, without the end of a blank-day at {non}“Helping Hand” arriving,
I would have missed having something to look forward to. I imagine that others would as well if the excitement of an upcoming-change is gone from areas in life.

UPDATE 8.26.23: I read tonight, at ‘’ that “Meteorological autumn begins on Friday, Sept. 1, weeks ahead of astronomical fall, which starts at 2:50 a.m. EDT on Saturday, Sept. 23.” Ha; they used both words
{so, that was a surprise to see something like that}. Two ‘types’ of a beginning seems silly. How could a meteorological not be astronomical? The ‘astronomical fall’ is still the solstice, so what is the purpose? I imagine there is an explanation, but it does not matter to me. It still will not be genuine until the usual time and I am not calling it autumn until 9.23.

UPDATE 8.27: my, how annoying: I cannot recall the details, but … heard was a first Christmas moment – which included a carol – on the radio talking about a festival {or whatever}; I wonder if it was coming up in these last days of the month! I guess it is never too-early for commercialization and for it to be distracting.

UPDATE 9.1: a few spelling corrections and sentence-shifts

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