So, this title contains a triple-representation:

1: being too-much a part of the world’s {human’s} teachings #

2: having too-much material/worldly things that prevent one #

from experiencing something more substantial

3: there is simply an exorbitant amount of activity going on #

in the world that it overwhelms us

First, we will have-at-it with the second one.

Many people have too-much stuff.

Folks frequently go through life buying many things they never use.
Indeed, I know I have. Doing it many times, you get excited from the
feeling of buying something and owning it. I think that the anticipation
of how you are probably going to use it is what gets you to try it again
and the memory of that feeling can become a habit.

Look around your place and see how much stuff you have. Honestly, think
of how much you have never even used. How you will probably not even have enough time for your body to get through everything.

I consider that the computer/internet, along with the TV and cell phone, are
likely the objects used more than anything else by the majority these days.

For me, I am happy to not pay to see TV programming; the antenna does enough and I can get cheap internet usage {as well as free elsewhere}.

As for cell phones, we already know my take on them.

1: https://mindmadeup.svbtle.com/selfies-smartphones-in-the-system #

2: https://mindmadeup.svbtle.com/more-on-smart-phones #

The more you have, the more you are stressed about hoping to get the
time to use everything. The more that time passes and you do not, the
more you get annoyed about the waste of money.

Of course, thinking about that too-much could make your brain
explode before the psychiatric drugs do their own damage. So …
start using what you absolutely know you would like to!

Also, consider a culling of what you are finished with.
Sell or give stuff away. Easiest: donate to a thrift store. I recommend
a small mom n’ pop place, not a “Goodwill” or another place that is
just a business which is not there to offer anybody good pricing.

Stop having so much comfort in your items.

I always wanted to be more minimalist although, in the
commercialized world, it was difficult to learn that it was okay.

Getting into this mode became easier after leaving the
“behavioural health” system and its ways.

Psychiatry does not help anybody be minimalist.
It wants us to love us first and foremost. It would
approve of us always treating ourselves to stuff to
help with “depression”, or whatever it determined,
because we are people suffering with “mental illness”.

Now, we move back to the first one.

“Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will” (Romans 12:2).

Of course, psychiatry/ology is just teaching by flawed humans.
It is a belief system that I found no comfort in and nothing beneficial.

Lastly, we move down to number three.

With all of the computerization and equipment that makes
things quicker and more convenient, it is also making things
stressful. More can get done, yet more should not have to
be done so consistently. A butt-load a day is likely happening,
but you think you are lagging and not being efficient because
you start to think you could do even more.

Come out of this world more-and-more as much as possible.

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