I see that, two years ago this month, I wrote about the phenomena
of “smart” phone addiction and how it was prevalent where I was:

I figured I would write an update.
Have I given in and actually obtained one of them?

Oh my! “Sort of,” I have to say.

These days, I just “need” a cell phone that I can use to call and text occasionally. My phone does not need to have the applications
{computer programs} that just take up time. I like the basics.

I am partial to a phone with a button keyboard, however. Something that
is also not Android/Google based is good. A plus is the phone not
having “WiFi”, for that saves a bit of something detecting the device’s
whereabouts. As well, it gives off less radiation and that is grand.

The phone does not go with me each time I am out, either. Sometimes, I
just want to take a dedicated camera or audio-recording device with me
and not even worry about having a phone with me.

I hate the look of black, too, which is standard with most electronics. What is black, anyway? I think I heard some say it was the absence of colour.
I thought it was the presence of all colors cobbled together and that
white was the absence.

Anyhoo, electronics are encased in black mostly because manufacturers
want people to think that what they see is a product of higher-quality. It is
the same with many products {look at ice-cream packaging}. Sometime, white has the same purpose, but people are conditioned to think that anything beyond those two means the object is not as good.

For me, I wanted a choice of colour and I found something that
appealed and stood-out from those boringly using the same stuff.

Also, I have obtained a cheapo-tablet. Now, that is something cool to me.
I never heard of such a thing until late 2017. With it, it will be used for game
applications and so forth; no need to have such items on a dinky cell-phone
screen that could get me distracted while sauntering around.

So, things are different for me these days in this area. Just a wee-bit.

I still subscribe to the idea that nobody is more important/better just
because they are holding one of the “smart” devices n’ walking/texting
while not even paying attention to things that should be observed.

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