This’ll be a bit gross. It already is if you see a photo above.

Not only does this page include psychiatry talk, but –
there were a lot of turds today. From many people,
of course, but I speak only of my personal ones.

None were on the ground or as ginormous. That would have
been dangerous for the toilet here and myself anywhere.

It was like I was part of a freedom movement from
psychiatry, while also having one from my bowels.

There wasn’t a time of difficult straining or anything.
No, I didn’t have diarrhea or use laxatives.
It was just one of the most comfortable times on the can.
That’s right: there was just a single time today for everything.

(hey, why are you still reading this?)

I was also surprised how, even with the first wipe using the fluffy toilet-
paper, there was basically nothing on it to show that the piles of feces
actually happened.

Only two pieces of two-ply were used and that was that.
The second piece was actually to discover if the first was fooling me.


That is how it should always be in both psychiatry and solid human wastes:

No strain.
Saving paper.
No stain.
One flush.
A lingering effect that reminds you of a stink.
Moving on.

  1. staying away from telling some psych your private matters may be able to give you less strain on your existence

  2. if you leave “treatment”, you are caring for the environment and lovely trees by helping save paper that would be wasted to document your

  3. less time with psychs will result in fewer stains on your psyche

  4. evacuating the dung within you that was ingested (from someone’s
    ideas or chemical restraints) grants relief

  5. it can be easy to dump psychiatry and flush it from your life

6-7. quickly let the poo be below you, floating away to its sewer pals;
you can then leave the stench and go to a place where it never existed

Anyhoo, I wanted to end by mentioning that if your turds float,
there’s too much weight in your diet.

My ejected psych turds sank immediately.
How could I see myself as anything except doubly healthy?

PS: the photo was free to use; photography is neat, but I don’t feel
unfortunate that I wasn’t the one to capture a shot of those beasts

Copyright © 2016 Dee Essem/MIND MADE UP


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