One of my childhood experiences that was traumatic consisted of a psychiatric rape. Many years after, only in 2016, have I been able to
see that for what it was and to not be afraid of accepting itsthe truth.
If I had explained anything to a “professional”, I would expect that
their love of the system would have only enabled them to try and
convince me of how it was all just in my “best interest”. Seriously, I
should deeply think about the situation and consider such a thing?!?
How would that be assisting me? The word and concept of rape would
not have been offered to me, to help me to make sense of things, so
they would have failed again.

I could hear it now: “Perhaps it was in your best interests.” Ugh!! I
completely despise and feel anger when I heard those words from “professionals”. A statement including that language can be terribly
untrue. Wrong is wrong and abuse is still harmful despite intentions.

My recent experience was terrifying because of where I was.
I did not believe in psychiatry and it was not a benefit for me.

I am still recovering from the years lost in the recent “behavioural health” facility. In no way am I longing for its routine or “structure” and I surely am
not thinking of anything like “Hey, it is incredible! They taught me something great and I am a better person now because of them.”

Free from there, it really is like it never happened.

I still can have hope for the desire of people to be caring for others, but
if you are involved in psychiatry/ology, you will have marks-off already.
You can be a decent person, but the ways of psychiatry/etc. have the
likelihood of corrupting your character. Any forcing of something on me
by anybody is not a sign of caring for me in any form.

We can only make a choice to modify ourselves if we want.
You have to figure-out yourself using yourself more than others.
That will give you a greater sense of accomplishment. A true
understanding, actually, and more than a sense.

Everybody speaking of their ways to help cannot simultaneously be
right and it can surely-cause plenty of confusion in the population.

Be wary of psychiatry.
Friends, do not be a silly sausage. :-)
It will not “fix” you. You will not fix it.

It is an empowering thought that people will destroy
psychiatry, but I see that as not helpful to have and stressful.

It is not up to AWOLs to fix the psychiatry paradigm.

I will not be able to annihilate it as a whole,
but have done so for me. In my life, it is gone.
It accomplished nothing and is nothing.

With the practice being as messy as it naturally is,
it will fail on-its-own – and fail others – many times.
AWOLs cannot fix psychiatry, but can make atrocities
known and help the system fail more-frequently
{as it deserves, to me}.

We can be right for ourselves in how we think and that is something super-important to know. This seems to be something that patients in the
psychiatry system may lose sight-of over time.

Psychiatry wants to change a person’s thinking patterns and how the brain functions. It is is nothing to take lightly or quickly, but most people in society
want a quick-fix and do not dare question anybody in authority.

We cannot repair psychiatry, but we do not have to be so uncomfortable to live in the world where it exists. Keep strong and be glad, if you have fled, that the escape was before more of you was corrupted. You may have lost some time and were deceived, like I, but you took a stand and eventually did what you knew was better for you.

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