A real “wow” moment for me today.

Just a few moments ago, within the noon hour, I was surprised.

At recommended www.duckduckgo.com – a search engine that does
not track you – I was looking for info on how to further-report a place
for Medicaid fraud and located:


{UPDATE 5.2018: that link is no-longer; go to …

I do not know if one of the two redacted casenumbers in the document
were mine. Would the investigators have found those even if I did not
make them privy of what wrongs were done to me? Do I have to wonder
if I may have helped? Nope, for I know I surely helped myself {at the least}.

Now, in September and especially October, I reported the location anonymously to various others I believed would be interested; one was
the comptroller and that division. :-)

Another of the places that wronged me was punished and that can only
give me a sense of accomplishment. I surely helped! It is a comfort for me …
and a victory for all those who were ever rear-ended by psychiatry.

The event helps me also feel better concerning other locations where I
was abused by the “mental death” field {and even medical hospitals}.

Yes, supporters will still believe that the psychiatry profession does
more good than bad, but nobody knows if that is an absolute truth.

When does something become rotten enough that it is not worth
public support? Who helps the “mentally ill” make sure they do not
get hurt by the “helpers”?

Reader, how much would you tolerate if you were me?

This is the bloody second-time I turned in a “behavioural health”
location for wrong actions and helped return money to the state.
I am just one former patient who assisted in keeping some others
away from negative places.
Right now, do you feel that I did good
deeds or do you think I am wrong simply because you might love
how you were treated?

“Helping Hand”? You did not extend that to me.

Of course, as a part of psychiatry, you would offer your feeble-minded
words to condone and justify yourself. It is how you were taught, but
I do not forgive you since you should know better.

New Jersey Administrative Code 13:35-6.5(b) [preparation of patient records, computerized records, access to or release of information, confidentiality, transfer or disposal of records] includes “All treatment records, bills and claim forms shall accurately reflect the treatment or services rendered.”

Ignorance of the law is no excuse. You had me as “schizoaffective” in your computer system, harmfully followed by my caseworkers, while it was not
the same as the subjective guesswork of the psychiatrist.

It was psychiatric malpractice. Abuse. I have no qualms about exposing
those who do wrong to anybody who is a patient in any capacity at any
type of location. Psychiatry is at the forefront of such atrocities and it is absolutely deserving of shame and public-outings.

Indeed, I cannot deny that I would have liked if I had revealed myself
and were rewarded a few thousand for helping, but this is still suitable
and empowering.

What happened happened and psychiatry needs more punishment.
Once again, the profession cannot accurately say that it is always good.
So many do not know the extent of its harm because, in part, a lot of us
who are hurt will be ashamed to reveal it.

Do not be!

Mayhaps you feel the pull to also be another one who
is free of psychiatry and wants to make a difference?

Copyright © 2017 Dee Essem/MIND MADE UP


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