Interesting. Let me consider that I was abused by psychiatry before I was
an adult, unable to make the connection until much later, and that residing
in a psychiatry environment as a form of exposure “therapy” was a major mistake that kept me from making that connection.

Indeed, I never considered anything as therapeutic. I was just — “there”.
What was I thinking?!? I can exist better without getting accustomed to
psychiatry. People are not just naturally enveloped by therapists and so-forth throughout a normal day. Nobody needs them to live, ultimately.
Let us never think otherwise!

Even if it was something I was doing unknowingly, attempting to use
psychiatry to help me live with the rape and terrible effects that
had originated from psychiatry was pointless!

Psychiatry does not exist to help anybody understand how much it can
do harm to one’s emotional state, but believes it is beneficial always.

Readers, perhaps you are doing the same thing that I was? Do not!!
If it abused you, stop giving psychiatry a chance to redeem itself with you!

If you were ever forced a medicine in a mental “death” place, you
were violated and are a person who deserved better.

Oh, you just have to care about yourself enough to not hurt yourself by associating with the practice! I did not understand myself in this context and so I did not receive any genuine help {which was not even possible}.

There are those who believe that exposing yourself to a fear gradually, for example, is always helpful in overcoming that fear. Yet what is the use of getting over a fear-inducing practice that deserves to be feared at times?

Who is anybody to say that one cannot be healthier unless they get used to
psychiatry and accept it as what is needed for wellness? Who cares if a major part of my “problem” is fear and hatred of psychiatry?

Of course, I was not able to figure that out myself while on brain-disabling
drugs coupled with the “behavioural health” environment itself! Also, that
I would never be able to get ‘better’ in the psychiatry field because that
would be letting psychiatry be a factor in recovery, which it did not deserve

My brain/mind/essence would not allow it.

We need to make the right links between good and bad in our lives. We
have to be careful if taking a chance with “experts” who could even get us
to doubt ourselves when we make those links.

Mine, understood by myself only after leaving the system, consist of:

This is how I always knew it, even if I could not express because of
the limitations put on me by drugs and the confining ways of the “behavioural health” program.

To anybody reading this, if you despise and fear psychiatry, you are not
helping yourself by continuing to let it be a part of your life … and you
are not in the wrong by believing you should escape it.

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