Well, hello.

Sit. Stand.
On the floor or chair.
Whichever combination you fancy.

Allow me to tell you that I have a “mental illness” history. Remember that neither of us are “mentally ill” because I think that is an insulting term on its own. The mind cannot get sick. Using the term “mental Illness” is a stigma-creating term all by its lonesome, so I do not like anybody using that here.

We are better and more-than psychiatry’s degrading labels. I have anxiety issues, but anxiety is an expected human emotion and is not an illness. I believe it is most important to remind people of what is right with them instead of encourage the belief in labels.

Something of importance here in this facility is that we like to show all of our patients videos and papers that are critical of psychiatry. Items from the past and up-to-date data that originates from patients and doctors alike. They are usually right-on-the-money, but society is not as aware of them as a whole. We like to make sure everything is taught. We do not want to limit in-
formation just because the “mental illness” movement prefers that specific
info in support of it is shouted from the rafters. It is only right to let others know facts … and to receive it from people like myself to show it is worth more attention.

I see that you reside in a boarding home. Did you know that the executive
director of this “behavioural health” location also owns that place? {EXTRA:
where I went, that was true} Like most of the people who come to these programs, you are unlikely to be privy to everything! From what I know, part of the requirement to stay at such a place is that you have to come to an adult “day care” program. Subsequently, in order to even be part of this program, everyone needs to have a “mental disorder” diagnosis – so, I am unable to not give you one even if you are not ill in the mind. The entire process is absolute bollocks and all I can do is say I am sorry about that.
Whatever I tell you that you have is just a subjective opinion from a stranger and I do not want you to believe it. You have to figure yourself out in life, just like all of us. Your definition of yourself in time is what really matters and
leads to true wellness.

We use the DSM here to just tell you ideas and it is not scientific.
It is pure guesswork and merely consists of insulting judgments. Have
you ever thought of how there is truly nothing positive the DSM has
to say about any person? It saddens me and I apologize. The labels
people in my profession given to others are actually not beneficial to
you and only necessary for insurance payments to us. You do not have
to identify and believe them and I do not want you to.

I hate to admit, but you are being studied here all the time.
As soon as you came into the room, I already made a judgment of
you and have ideas of what I would call your illness. I have to in
order to hold this position. It troubles me, but at least I am honest.

There is so much fraud and dishonesty in my profession that I am
going to be quitting eventually. I can help people better without
the risk of insulting them by this practice. An example of something ridiculous I am thinking right now is how I notice you have a sun-visor on. Wearing it is not indicative of anything pathological or meaningful, but it is something that I will note anyway because I made a determination that you have the made-up term of Avoidant Personality Disorder. {EXTRA: yes, that
actually was in one of my records from the place; the sun-visor became
a symptom indicative of the AVP creation and apparently worthy of noting
on the record}

Remember, that is just my opinion. Of course, there is no medical test I can use to tell you on a biological level that you have any illness of the mind.

Well, from all that you heard of what we do not do, you might
be wondering exactly what you are doing here. If not, you should be.
However, I have no major answer. All that any of us can offer are ideas
and suggestions. Nobody in psychiatry is an expert of the mind, though
we flourish because people too-quickly believe we are and we like to
impress that we have better insights always. You came in here in a difficult state, perhaps even by the state, and it is common for people in my position to take advantage of that. Many of us are quite deceptive, but I
try my best to not be the same. I am sickened that my profession has hurt
many and continues to even increase others’ “mental illnesses”.

Here, I am supposed to just keep with the rote statements and hope that it
helps. You are supposed to figure yourself out and I am not supposed to really give any direct “yes” or “no” answers to anything. That should actually annoy you, when you think of it. It bugs me and, even if it is not the norm,
I will do more than others to be honest and real because you are real.

I want to tell you I believe in God more than psychiatry’s theories.

I am not better than you or anybody.

I do not want to prescribe any medicines.

I do believe that, if you have no friends and are an extreme loner, that could be a main problem in life. Still, it is your right and any therapist or psychiatrist
is wrong if we try to make people perfect.

I would like you to stay with us for a while because it is something for
you to do. However, many people with sadness in life are here, so this
will be a depressing place. This is never the best environment for anybody and so do not be surprised if this ends up bringing you down.

If you get any garbage from other employees, let me know. Those
particularly in maintenance or simple van-drivers like to be bossy.
Forget it and remember you are not to be a slave to them or anybody
here. It may be difficult because many of the caseworkers love to feel
they are above you, but that is their pride and now you know.

At the end of every week, you will have your records without cost.
If anything strikes you as wrong or needs explanation, come to me.

Oh … and I have been doing better in actually writing in script
which is easier for others to read. Indeed, it was terrible before!

Hey, thanks for saying that I am different than the others you have met.
I am not here to do you wrong and I actually mean it, not as a way to
give you a false sense of security to get you to comply with me.

You want to meet tomorrow? That is fine with me. God bless.

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UPDATE1: 13th December, 2018 - modifications were the addition
of the EXTRA parts, plus “Let me tell you of my "mental illness”
history.“ becoming "Allow me to tell you that I have a "mental illness”
history.“ — it did not fit originally since no history was written then}

UPDATE2: 13th October, 2019 - added "on the chair or floor”, “combination”
to “Whichever you fancy.”, “I am sickened that my profession has hurt
many and continues to even increase others’ ‘mental illnesses’”, “perhaps even by the state”, and “…to get you to comply with me.”


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