This is difficult.

Not the act of wanting to help, but contemplating …

“What is the safest way to speak of my disgust with the labeling of people and the inaccuracies of "mental illness” suggestions? How can I mention my physical and mental abuse “treatment” of the past, and even recent past, without causing any possibly-current patient to think I am insulting them?“

The only real safe way is to say nothing, and at this point in time I am
tired of not speaking-up more. My story could help someone, just like
others’ personal tales of psychiatry’s failings helped me in the present.
True tales from {ex}patients enabled me to connect back to myself,
while psychiatry’s suggestions and forced "treatments” held me away
from life and stuck in much uncertainty.

Excluding those teaching psychiatry: oh, it is so
true that it is never my intention to insult anybody!

I know I care about patients and desire to protect them from harm. I was one
of them! I do not know everything, but know what I’ve endured and my
purpose in participating in this blog. I only am desiring to help.

I see psychiatry/psychology theories as mostly harmful, since they can result in people viewing themselves as merely a DSM label of sickness
of thought and behaviour

Prescription poisons that seek to correct a theorized “chemical imbalance” are definitely seen by myself as harmful in the long-term and barely – if at
all – more effective than placebo in the short.

I despise how patients are robbed of the choice to define themselves.
Discovering meaning and purpose is a process that belongs to them
at the start of physical existence. It is not to be interrupted by a supposed expert in human thought and mannerism who is unoriginal in assigning terms that merely tell you what they think you are.

I know that any human can be in a struggle to figure out their personal
identity and place in the world, for this was myself. Still is myself, but a bit less now that I am through associating or dealing with psychiatry’s ideas.

I know what it was like to have a psychiatric label at one place and then, although exactly the same person, a different “diagnosis” elsewhere.

I recently knew what it was like to have a psychiatric label at one place –
in that place – and simultaneously, a different label elsewhere in there.
The accompanying confusion over what I was to believe about myself
was harmful to my identity and understanding of life, creating sadness
and problems that would then fit into that extra-wrong psychiatric label.

It was psychiatric malpractice, plain and simple.

How many others have been confused with their person while under
the “care” of psychiatry? Are you another this resonates with?

Perhaps you have been afraid to leave the system because you read how
they do not recommend that you leave because of possible “relapse”.

Have you possibly left the system and recognized a sense of relief …
able to actually care and understand more of your role and essence?
You are not alone, for that happened to me.

Does anybody think that a belief system that exacerbates uncertainty
of what someone is will be good for any human’s mind and soul?

Never think you cannot have peace apart from the psychiatric system.

Today, it is a different phase of my struggle to heal from trauma. I am just a
regular person who has witnessed and endured much of the negativity that
can exude from psychiatric “treatment” and callous doctors in other fields.

Now, I ask myself if I was being ridiculous for the very few times that I
actually sought “mental health” services. Since supposed education
would be coming from a system that already did terrible wrongs to me,
how could it have a benefit?

My answer? It could not.
Without reservation, I say that it cannot.


You wrote of this later in greater detail.
It’s now May 8, 2017 and I’m putting a link to it.


Psychiatry, especially, comprises many beliefs and suppositions that are insulting to me {to put it mildly}. The practice has been a hindrance to life.
It deserves nothing of my time. It will not be given another chance to
try and validate itself as worthy of being in my knowledge.

Writing about it here is not giving time to it, but giving myself time
to reflect and renew from its damages that I never dealt with and that
psychiatry, of course, could never properly assist with.


In my own existence and in ways that I decide as helpful, I can recover from traumas and do not need or want psychiatric teaching to corrupt my person with further trauma.

Here I sit and type as a victim of physical and mental abuse that
originated from minds and hands of those expected to assist. Here
I remain harmed, aware of certain cruel staff who acted on their
decision {or from instruction of authorities with undeserved power}.

Freedom is a main tenet I hold in life always.

The freedom to think and feel as I like and to believe it.

A freedom which does not contain a blind acceptance of
whatever anybody may think is the best way to help emotionally.

We all make choices.

Some of them will end up causing harm, and a bad choice is
not a “mental illness” ‘symptom’ or a definite result of one.

I will never again give psychiatry or social work another opportunity
to do its dirty work, but it is always a person’s choice if they want to.

I actually do not like to say it is merely someone’s “choice”, but a
“right to make a choice”. At least it should always be, and whenever
refusal of psychiatry is taken away, an atrocity has taken place

Some will consider that anybody who criticizes psychiatry must be ill and
wrong since the public believes and supports – extensively and quickly –
the ideas promoted in psychology and psychiatry. Such a consideration about my guessed “illness of the mind” would likely be from someone who found comfort in psychiatry {either as a patient or teacher}.

I am not ill in the way psychiatry wants to identify me.
I am not better in my life because of psychiatry “help”.

I am not wrong in understanding that harm at places of
expected healing did happen and what I have experienced
was real and not therapeutic in the least.

I believe people need more truthful information about psychiatry’s
harm — from current or former patients — to decide if it is worth
pursuing the “assistance” for themselves.

That is why this blog exists.

Myself and others are trying to increase awareness that there absolutely may be damage if you get yourself in the “mental health” system.

We like educating and trying to make a positive difference. One wishes
there were more in the practice who also would do the same. This is all
about the well being of patients, and exposing even more fraud/harm
created by psychiatry is being on the side of the people.

If you value truth, be prepared to not be surprised when you discover deception from “mental health” teachers. Get ready to hear theorized
statements about what causes or contributes to the “wrong” way that
you may be. Be aware of tricky words such as “studies show” or a
behaviour being “linked to” some label.

Of course, there is the ever-popular “chemical imbalance” idea that, even
in 2016, is still promoted in “behavioural health” locations to convince you
its reality is a fact that has frequent and new evidence of such. It is of
interest that, in my stint at the recent location, this was given a lot of
times in groups, yet not once uttered by the psychiatrist. I imagine psychs
are always hoping that a patient does not even ask if they have a “chemical imbalance”, for they would — one hopes — be in a dilemma of telling the
truth or lying to get people to continue taking drugs they believe are helpful.

Are you at a location with a group of “mentally ill” patients who are listening to a caseworker teach a topic you are tired of hearing? Do you wonder if any “studies show” opposite of what is presented as fact? Always ask yourself if that teacher is actually stating an opinion instead of a fact.

Do not believe that a supposed professional is definitely accurate in what
is being said about how you are thinking and need to be. An indication of
how one is to be in a certain society or situation is always an opinion
and/or suggestion

Patients given a “mental illness” label want and deserve to define how
they view themselves on their own, without a limiting time-frame and
apart from stigmatizing DSM terminology. We are with an incredible,
resilient brain that was not created by a human and is a complexity that
no social worker or psychiatrist will ever become an expert of.

I am not “psychiatry”.

Just a person trying to assist
others by giving personal revelations.


My experiences from history will not harm you.

Knowing portions of my past will not force you
to ingest words or medicine you do not want.


The language here is never a trick used to influence you to accept a
teaching that is given with a cordial manner so you may open your
privacy to a paid stranger at a business that will decide what sections
of your originality are a “symptom” in a theoretical mind-illness construct.

Unlike many in “mental healthcare”, I know my intentions at the start have nothing to do with wanting recognition, seeking money for myself, going along with what I was taught is the “correct” way to be with people, or following a practice of tracking human behaviour to educate myself
so I could do better in the next staff meeting.

I would want to help others who have been harmed. These writings are a way for me to try and recover from anguish of abuse that I have never
dealt with in a positive, personal way {and without psychiatry interference}.

It is true altruism. For only the sake of doing the action, I attempt to give help to others. The others I focus on are ones who realize they have
been subject to psychiatry influences and/or harm, not anybody who
supports and is practicing in the field. Of course, if even one of them manages to actually learn something, that would be wonderful as well.

I am only interested in exposing evil influences of society.

There is a world out there beyond psychiatry. Telling my experiences within and without the system are what I offer. This snippet of bravery at this point in time is my own reward, my choice, and I feel grand about it.

The idea that my words might nudge someone to seriously question
if psychiatry and/or drugging themselves is a help? That they would then
want to find a better way? Those are thoughts that brings me delight.

It is wrong for anybody to say that psychiatry always helps! Anbody doubting the possibility that I could help another is wrong. Others rear-ended by
psychiatry have helped me recognize I was not alone and that it,
unfortunately, happens too-often.

I healed myself of some “mental illness” by escaping bad philosophy.

Collosians 2:8 - “See to it that no one takes you captive by philosophy and empty deceit, according to human tradition, according to the elemental spirits of the world, and not according to Christ.” {ESV}

I am honest.
Therapists and psychiatry businesses are frequently not.

Knowing more of Jesus’ teachings is a real help and genuine truth for me.
Belief in a brain disease creating a total “mentally ill” personality never was.

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UPDATE: 5th July, 2018; inspired, the phrase from the Bible – and just a
few more sentences – were added; my writing here helped me once-more!}


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