EMOTIONS OF THE DAY: 6th July, 2018

I started crying.

It was absolutely interesting when I started to think that
I liked my crying because it was me at the moment.

It was only a few tears and I do not feel like crying right this second.

No, it was not a type of “bipolar” moment or whatever may have you
{not that I was labelled “bipolar” anyway}. It was only the genuine me.

What was I feeling? Just a combo of love and a bit of loneliness.

I felt like writing about it at this time. It is a bit of me getting used
to the freedom to have more emotions and the normalcy. How much
was taken from me while on those medicines? So, so sad.

Do you know what your emotions of the day were to normally be …
or had they been eradicated or disguised by some chemical substance?


Now read this


Son of a *****. {EXTRA: I admit the redacted word was originally spelled-out; after just-having a sudden realization today, it was an unplanned way to start this entry; I was honestly upset, and it may not be a major word, but any type... Continue →