I hate “meds”.
Not just the chemicals, but the term.

At the “behavioural health” location I suffered in
until spring of 2016, I would hear that abbreviation a lot.

“Noon meds!” {or “12 o'clock meds!”} you would detect many a
caseworker say with too-much enthusiasm {or none at all, but
tempered with a slightly-commanding tone}. Then, certain patients
would rise – some with their own excitement – and just go for it.

It annoyed me.

At those moments, I know I would think of how I am glad I did not have to take something. I would have hated it, knowing that I would have been capable of taking it myself instead of someone tracking my compliance.
Going to some room to line-up for chemical suppression is not for me.

Guess what something was that caused one of the higher-ups
there to have a bit of a wobbler? A moment where she overheard
my mentioning to another person how I thought it was not best to
call drugs “meds” instead of medicine! I remember her irritation
and the looks on her face and it was unprofessional. Aw, poor baby!

Now, there actually was a brief moment I was assigned an as “needed” anti-anxiety item, which I rarely used n’ its time was short. After all, why
take something for anxiety in a location that was a reason for much of it?

So, what happened with that drug? The genius-of-the-premises decided
that it could be lowering the seizure threshold in me. However, he only
came to that conclusion after I let him know that a junky hospital, where
I was after a seizure, told me it could

Nice job, mister psych.

I know I do not have to take “meds” because I say so
and will be in charge of myself concerning anything like it.

I have no interest in being a slave to scripts.

I suffered in my mind and life with super-sad feelings.

If anybody is trying to artificially take away my feelings of
sadness, even when they are extreme, they are hurting me.

If there are times I awaken and am sad, for example, I learned – on
my own – how I can be happy to feel that emotion. It is my body
which is making it and is absolutely human.

If you believe you know why you need your “meds”, then it is okay for you.
That, personally, makes me concerned for your health all-across-the-board,
but it is more important that it has to be you who has figured what makes sense to you and embrace that.

You are not wrong.
I have figured out what makes sense to me.
I am not wrong and you would be if you say I am.

Psychiatry is always wrong for its selfish and haughty
business models, thinking it is something that everyone
with life issues could benefit from, and not caring when
it fails to help.

As a person, my body does not have a need for “meds”.
It is not deficient in the Klonopin which was once given {for example}.

I do not have to take “meds” because they always made me worse.
I do not have to take “meds” because they poison the nervous-system.

I know I do not have to take “meds” because they are for the “mentally ill”.

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