It is one of the, what I believe, most-ignorant
words from many of the “mental health” workers:


I heard it so much at the day-program{s} and read of it, too.

Everyone under any supposed-care
is fully a person — and a patient.

One buys objects. We consume them {if food}.

Yes, the so-called services are being paid for …
but it is degrading to liken us as less than a patient.

What makes folks consumers of “mental health”
‘treatment’ but patients when they visit family doctors?

It grew to annoy me. It became something restrict-
ive, similar to the DSM labels which I also reject.

Consumers of “mental health” services? That is the way the “mental illness” system is run: it is all about consumerism and they make you into mere
“clients” {another used term} for them to make money from. They are not truly into healing and their diagnosis terms are, even according to their own DSM creation, not medical diagnoses. No wonder caseworkers would call you something that is not a patient – they are just going along with trying to follow their DSM standards and learned information.

As well, they are unable to call people patients because they
do not even know how to identify what “mental illness” really is,
nor any common, biologic cause for any of the subjective labels.

At this moment, what do you call yourself in the system?
If you are not a patient, then what are you even there for?

Again, since the DSM does not even give “diagnoses” that are
medical in nature, would we really even be “mental” patients?
I would submit that the answer is definite no.

In the end, and at the start, you are a person.

A person exists with life-struggles, like everyone, but you
may be one surrounded by people who think they know the
“proper” way you are to be in all situations and thoughts.

You are a consumer … only of their bollocks.

To help yourself, look into doing less consumption
of psychiatry/ology and focus on cleansing yourself
from the dreck you swallowed.

I rejected much of everything and tried to consume nothing throughout.
Be careful consuming the drugs and the language! Do not let either be a ruler of your existence; you are better than relegating yourself to being a consumer of them.

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UPDATE: 4th June, 2021 - changed the title after I saw that it had patient in quotes {which seemed to not fit with the article; whoops}


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