This is the start of the seventh month where I am free
of prescriptions that would limit the thriving of my brain.

Sadly, its tissue had been inundated by some type of anticonvulsant
at least since I was sixteen – some poisons which are also used, unfortunately, by psychiatry and so I suffered from expected effects.

In my situation, I say that neurology was the main drug-pusher that turned me into a slave of pharmaceuticals. I blame psychiatry, too, for not being competent or caring enough to actually suggest that, simply, perhaps brain-modifying drugs are not good for you. It is a failing that, I see now, gives them even less credence.

Obviously, it is not common for any doctor to speak against big pharma.
No matter the field, protecting the status-quo and keeping patients on
drugs is always their first priority. That is more prevalent in psychiatry,
but it is only in the current days that I understand the truth how a brain that was damaged physically is more susceptible to harmful effects of drugs.

One of the last things a neuro said to me in mid 2017 was about “quality of
life”. That I needed an anticonvulsant to help with that. Well, being able to think better would help with a life I wanted … the life that the anti-
convulsants robbed me of even more {especially whenever they were associated with despicable psychiatry}.

Nobody in the medical or psychiatric field allowed my body to be free
enough of the drugs to even determine how often I had the seizures.
Suppose I did not not need as much medicine? What if I had the same amount of episodes with or without the drugs? Is my cognitive functioning
being impaired more by substances than the injury? These are all something that I wanted to know all the time!

Now, if I was having major episodes every single day, that would have been an issue that even I would think needed major assistance. Yet that was not the case. The extent of my episodes was not determined and, I believe, it needed to be.

Awesomeness! I am prescription drug-free after at least twenty
years. It is cool to be able to say that and, of course, to know it.

How many neurological patients could have actually have had a better life and awareness if they had official encouragement to really consider if their prescription drug{s} are enhancing problems in cognitive functioning?

Interference by adults started young for me. It all makes me just sick!
I was stuck in the belief of needing the medicines to function and the
drugs’ impairments contributed to me not being able to even under-
stand that that was not true
. I feel ashamed from being misled.

Now, during moments when I tried to get off a medicine and there was a resulting seizure, of course I was told of how it was only because of what
I did … not that the the medicine on its own could even be the cause for the episode. None of the drugs ever fully-stopped all my seizures, but enabled
plenty of distress and made me feel stupid.

My ma remembers a time in an E/R where a doctor came in and said
something like “I see that someone doesn’t like to take their medicine.”
That is darn right! As a teen, I always got frightened and was coerced into taking the same stuff reluctantly. After an episode, doctors and others in hospitals love to use our post-ictal state to deceive us into taking something and doing tests. I have been misled many times. I have also been too trusting, giving too many “helpers” and drugs more chances.

No anticonvulsant or psychiatry-specific drugs help you think.

You are mistaken if someone tries to get you believe that they
will help you be smarter. Getting off of them could be what
you need to become better physically and emotionally.

If you ever consider this, and it is what you want, always stick to your guns.
Never stop a drug immediately, but work to get yourself on the lowest amount of brain-altering medicine. You can know your mind and body
better than “experts” claim to.

You deserve the chance to decide for your brain and life what you want.
Perhaps there will be a time when you are celebrating a freedom as well.

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