So, it is “Christmas in July” as some say {though I do not know anything about the reason for it}. This was almost-ready last winter and I do not want to wait months for it to be here.

It was a wintery-time of a year, but I do not have this written and cannot recall the exact-day I wrote this in a group at the non-“Helping Hand”.

A task asked of us was to take the word SNOWMAN and make a poem
where each line began with the first letter of the word.

I do remember just doing it rather-quickly and reading it outloud.
Caseworker Brandi said something of surprise/approval, but I forget
exactly what … but she seemed to like it.

Stand around and
Notice me!
Our time together wanes.
Warmth is nice …
Month is not …
And soon, I’ll be
Nearer to rain.

{so, warmth of people enjoying snowman-me is nice; the warmth of the month is not, for I will become the appearance of rain}

Oh, I think that was pretty-creative and I am surprised I remember it!

Here in 2021, it is time for a followup.

Suppose the system
Never caused rain from eyes
Of this patient who almost turned-late?
When caseworker women or
Men who care-not
As much as God … and
Nothingly appreciate?

Copyright © 2021 Dee Essem/MIND MADE UP


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