Alrighty, so I decided that I really am not worried about any
possible psychs/shrinks reading this blog and analyzing me.

The American Psychiatric Association’s “Principles of Medical Ethics” says: “…it is unethical for a psychiatrist to offer a professional opinion unless
he or she has conducted an examination and has been granted proper
authorization for such a statement.”

I like how they, at least, include how it is an opinion {guesswork}. That entire statement, however, is not what makes me not worried. I have no con-
fidence that obeying the preceeding is something that matters to them in
the least. If I were a celebrity, we all know that the organization would surely publicly offer their “professional” idea regardless if it was ethical or not. It has
happened before, yes? People sadly just accept it so quickly, too, as truth.

Even now, from any of the reading here, the “experts” would not be able to
help themselves from being swayed by their thought processes and beliefs
that they are always helpful. It would be in their blood that they need to
analyze people and believe they can “fix” people because of the education they paid for and received. The received teaching has likely given them more of a desire to be in control of others: “They are getting better only because of me and my direction, coupled by drugs.”

We can only hope that, perhaps, there have been a few who had a twinge
of uncomfortabilty knowing they messed-up by even “diagnosing” someone
they never met and violated the APA ethics principles.

Yes, I am not concerned if any mind “professionals” look here.

What makes me not care? The combination of how they are not extraordinary, nor the Almighty; not friends; and just humans that I do
not have to cowtow to. Strangers, whose loftiness is only present because
of what is created in their own mind and what society allows them to be.

Readers not in support of organized psychiatry/ology {whatever}, you do
not have to listen to them either. Take some of their over-inflated stance away! Believe in them less {note that I did not say to believe in their capabilities less, because they are already not masters of the mind –
or you}. Are they actually folks who did something in your life experience
that is worth paying for?

I am also not as worried because I am off brain-poisons which, I can see now
only after getting off of them, helped create paranoia in me. Now, it was always beneficial for me to be afraid of psychiatry influence, but I am currently in life where my brain is able to flourish better and not be as stressed. I did not need a drug to increase my anxiety which was already increasing from merely being in any of the “behavioural health” locations.

Psychiatry’s influence is not good for everyone. If psychiatry is really
wanting to help wo{man}kind, it has to accept that fact. It is being lack-
adaisical if it cannot stop denying that statement’s truthfulness.

{NOTE: ON 11th August, I changed “hypocritical” to “lackadaisical” since,
well, I am not sure that the original word actually fit; oops!}

In the understanding of yourself, who are you trusting most?
In the battle for your mind, who and what are you going to permit influence?

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