I would say that, for almost everything, nobody needs to
be pro-psychiatry.

Those who understand their experiences as an event helping them,
it did. They are wrong to recommend it for everybody just like I am
wrong if I say nobody should give it the light of day.

I, however, despise it and will never promote it;
its ways have convinced of its harm and inefficacy.

That does not make me “wrong”.
Loving it does not make you “right”.

Wanting to be led by psychiatry is a lifestyle for some.
It is what many believe they need to survive. It is not
the answer for all and you may have too-much faith in
whatever it is that it does — while not being aware of
the enormous-amount that it does not.

You may have your own experiences in life about it.
We can tell experiences and let others decide a worth.

So, I am personally against hearing all advice and ideas from anybody in psychiatry or psychology because those practices sickened my “mind”
{cause discomfiture of my soul}. I have nothing to gain but angst if I
associate with a business that has a big-history of harm and fraud {which continues today}. I know it is harmful for me and I do not like it, so any attempts to even recommend it to me are harmful and a waste. It does not
matter if others are “trying to help” … that act of trying is a failure.

Since I have experienced the worst of it, it is being “anti-psychiatry” all the
way for me for the rest of my life. Early on, I see that it was always in my
mind, though I did not realize that I was allowed to accept it.

I will never seek it to deal with how it hurt, will always fight against it being foisted upon me, and never would encourage anybody to get its “help”
because I do not know it ever would be. I am not about harming others! I
am more for people and their capabilities and helping people know facts.
People need honest encouragement; that is lacking in many “mental health” systems, noticed during my unfortunate experiences with them.

People do not need to mold-themselves according to the standards of humanistic psychiatry in order to exist. Friends have been better for me and my wellness and self-understanding. One does not absolutely have to get psychiatry “help” in order to be helped.

I have not gained anything but increased trauma from psychiatry/ology.
It is not good for my spirit to be involved with anything from them since
I have experienced enough and like myself and life without.

Few psychs get it: they are doing a disservice if not striving to
encourage the patients how they can better themselves from

Minimal-guidance, and definitely nothing forced, is what is missing.

You are an individual who can determine what is or is not personally
helpful; do not think that only others dealing with the “mind” are
always correct {or certainly more-so}.

So, again, neither the entirety of pro/anti are right for
the masses just because either position thinks-so based
on what they analyzed. Whatever your stance, can you
recognize an opposite exists correctly for some?

I am one who does.
I am here despite psychiatry’s interruptions.

UPDATE: 4th July, 2021 - removed a couple of small lines that seem out-of-place; they will be in a new/upcoming topic

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