I never told any child the fallacies of Santa’s
capabilities and did nothing wrong because of this.

Let me talk about my ideas about the Claus.

Colossians 3:9 - “Do not lie to each other, since you have taken off
your old self with its practices.” I think it’s a fault to lie, as does God.
"You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor” (Exodus 20:16).

We are involved in bad parenting when we lie to children, especially
when it’s has no safety benefit. If you take children to a Santa, letting
them think it a person who’ll give them free materials, you are deceptive.
No matter how you try to justify why you encourage the character, it’s
still an untruth that Santa will bring them gifts. It is you simply doing
what you know many others are doing and making (hopefully) an
exception in lying because of the tradition’s popularity.

Now, I wouldn’t go to a line of folks waiting to see a Santa and use a megaphone and tell of how the person’s just some paid guy. That’s
just being a jerk and I would feel mean since I’m not the parent and
I wouldn’t want to see if someone cried (the guardian makes that
happen themselves if the kid is terrified to be on the guy’s knee).

For me, I just don’t know how I couldn’t be uncomfortable lying
to my kids. I would want them to know facts because, well, truth
is truth. That’s not being a “grinch”. Destroying Christmas? Nope.
It has to be a good to make sure kids understand honesty as
early as possible. Parents, stop doing anything that confuses or
misleads your kids!

I don’t recall being angry after learning how Santa wasn’t real (but I
may have). Still, as an adult, I wish that I wasn’t lied to about Santa
simply because it was an untruth. We are better parents when
honest to kids as much as possible.

The kids can put so much stock in the character and that turns it into a huge
letdown. Although it probably won’t bother them in their 50s, the adult still
knows they were lied to by the guardian.

You are giving your child respect by not spreading an valid untruth.
Yes, I don’t teach of this character and that’s not wrong or being a “grinch”.

Real people from psychiatry lied and hurt me more and longer than how
I was misled about Santa. I still wish I was not told to expect more from
the character of Santa, however. I like truth and it might be one of the
only things which I can say a few psychs have gotten right: it can be
the opposite of beneficial to teach kids to expect more from Santa
(and it doesn’t take anybody special to figure that out).

If you’re a kid reading this, don’t be sad. With the internet these days,
you probably did your own research anyway & aren’t surprised.

Do you really care if you aren’t getting Christmas presents
from a stranger who invades your house while sleeping? Isn’t it just
good knowing that you do have the things? Thank your family
and real people who thought about you and enjoy Christmas!

let’s end with some terrible Christmas jokes:

Who says “oh, oh, oh?
Santa walking backward

What’s the difference between Santa and a dog on a hot day?
Santa wears red pants; a dog just pants

Why shouldn’t you tell secrets to a reindeer?
because they carry tails

When Frosty the Snowman cuts the lawn –
he’s Frosty the MOW-man

What is the difference between snowmen and snowwomen?

(that last one was from childhood; I might have made it myself!)

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MY UPDATE ON JUNE 11, 2020: This was originally published on this same day of December in 2018, but was changed a bunch today and moved mostly because there already was already a Christmas item then.

MY UPDATE ON MARCH 9, 2021: a few other lines added (like the final paragraph) & jokes


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