Octobre. (I like that spelling)

The month with the Halloween holiday.

Mad scientists within pharmacology and psychiatry (who can make others
into zombies any time of the year) will be in full-force. Let’s always expose
those whose tricks are certainly not treats. I’m glad to be here and help.

Here’s a recent experience with an anti-convulsant
(a worst moment that really caused me to have a
lot of processing difficulties).


That drug’s negativity became the finality. No more are anti-convulsant prescriptions being allowed in my life; I’m fed-up with trying one item
after another and suffering from effects {while still having a similar
amount of fainting-spells}.

True, I blame bad neurology for the problems at that time from the
Fycompa poison, but psychiatry uses a lot of ACs in its practice. Things
that may cause disruption of a brain even-without mental illness beforehand. Guessing the drugs’ efficacy isn’t enough reason to trust in them or those prescribing them. You can protect yourself.


Today, I was inspired to write this based on the preceding {as well
as this comment from an article on www.madinamerica.com}:

“By drugs and labels these mad scientists impose an alienated life of sickness and isolation on their test subjects. They induce insanity with their mind altering drugs and then label the victim as SMI to ensure everyone will hate and reject them forever. There have been madhouses since before the Industrial Revolution but the people often got better. Now pharma psychiatry ensures no one does.”

With the pandemic going around, are you speaking to someone who
wears a deceptive, evil mask? My brain is free from spoken-tricks and poisonous “candy” prescription {mis}treats. Remember, kiddos {and adults}: don’t take substances – sugary candy or not – from a stranger!

No longer a zombie from Dr. Frankenstein-ish psychiatry/neurology,
I have better functionality. Nobody is going to be “treating” my thoughts
and/or emotions with spooky chemicals that do creepy things. If that
were still happening to me now, it would be the scariest thing happening
this Halloween season.

Oh, and I have a side-note about Halloween: there is no person
behind it or anything and I think it is stupid. If I go to another
Halloween party, what is it that’s really being recognized? It is some fun,
but merely a day to get candy and costume-up as something/someone. Even with Easter, you can grow to lose interest in hunting Easter eggs {if anybody does that any longer}, but there’s still an individual/reason for the existence of the day. Halloween is pointless and, even as a kid, I never knew why I was
doing it beyond candy and silliness {which is all we cared about anyway}.

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