Readers that appreciate psychiatry/ology, c'mon now. :-)
Do not be mad at me because of this blog or associated videos.

One has to understand my position.

Are you someone who lived with a tangible,
structure-injury to your brain since your formation?

I am.

Were you raped by forced-medicine as a child and not understanding why?

I was.

I also come from many years of added-damage by anticonvulsants.

Only recently has my brain been learning the experience of
recovery from drugs … more of how to be human … and how
it is to exist freely-again from corrupting substances.

It is noteworthy that, in one of my obtained medical-records, how
the person felt that my brain had gone through so many chemicals
at an early age that it did not have much time to experience growth
naturally. Wow, that was really something surprising to know at this
time in life! It is sad to know that this was in the past, but I am actually pleased to see someone had some smarts back then {even if they
were still incompetent/did not help … and did not care to tell me this on their own or help me get free}.

So, I ask you to give me a break and not be peeved with me.

It was psychiatry/ology that had a major-hand in turning me more into
a sheltered person. It is the medication from neurology, some which
are uncomfortably also-used in the psychiatry field, that especially
limited my cognition further.

How I am today, I like my demeanor and myself much-better than
when I was under the influence of any psychotropic drug or deceptions
and controlling ways within the “mental health” profession.

How much of your trust do you give to psychiatry/ology {and why?}

I am a person harmed from both fields. An innocent who had to find
their way out of the abuse and discover reasons to live; to know I
could learn it was possible and okay to exist apart from them – and
how I did not need to actually hear validation of that by them.

If you had gone through all I have, I believe you would have similar
disdain and understandable reasons not to trust “mental health treatment”.

It is a mistake to say that psychiatry/ology will be good for everyone.

It is thoroughly disorganized and misleading …
one of humankind’s cruelties due to those reasons.

Tough, but I can admit “wrong” if saying they will be good for nobody.

Well, since I was harmed, I cannot help but be “wrong” in that area many
times. In fact, as you see, I have to use the quotation marks when saying
I am “wrong”. That will be naturally-occurring because I have absolutely no reason to recommend that “assistance” to anybody. From my personal knowledge, it would be mean and doing a disservice to support and immediately want someone to go for “help” when I found it to be just the opposite in the terrible times it interfered.

Psychiatry/ology, and prescriptions, caused me to be more “mentally ill”.

That sickens me; it is happening to many other people. It may not make
you happy, but I am doing what I believe is decent by announcing tragedies that were done under the guise of care.

I have concern about patient rights … true-information given to everyone …
informed consent for any patient in any mental/physical treatment
situation … and exposing deceptive-businesses. Are not these what you would also like always as a patient?

I am trying to help others by getting first-hand truth out there for people to be aware of. Stories of the misled should be a valuable part of helping one become better educated about the status and efficacy of the system.

Psychiatry/ology’s deceptive ways and tricky chemicals disrupted my life
extensively. The drugs impaired me so much that I did not consider they could be what I needed to remove from my life more than anything.

I am glad that I physically lasted long enough to get off of the medicine
and away from the frequently misleading and humanistic teachings at the forefront of psychiatry/ology practices.

Let us be mad appropriately: much of the ill-business of “mental health”
deserves plenty of disdain for the frequent unbalancing it creates.

Despite the corruption I witnessed, I still survived and became better.

Were you abused by someone in or something taught in psychiatry?

I can tell myself, even though my abuse happened,
I no-longer have to be so mad that I punish me. :-)

If you suffered as well, oh please think how much
that {not having to harm yourself} is something
you can be glad about, too.

Copyright © 2018 Dee Essem/MIND MADE UP

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