I remember the explosion of TV-shows like “Ghost Adventures” and
“Ghost Hunters”. Are they still around? As I mentioned elsewhere, I
have not watched a regular TV-series, except for those on a DVD set
or three, for many years; TV broadcasts are one of the least-interests
for me.

So, I had a wonder recently about whether or not atheists “ghost hunt”.
If there is no God involved in one’s life/thoughts, in what manner was
there a spiritual realm for “ghosts” to originate from for those atheists
to investigate?

I imagine that the majority of people subscribe to the notion that a
“ghost” is something like the soul/non-body essence of a formerly-living
human. Atheists could call them a “ghost” and others, an “angel” or “demon”.

Is something which appears before others’ eyes – or vocalizes within an “Electronic Voice Phenomena” – merely known as a vague “entity” for atheists? Are the phenomena actually still considered previous-persons … but never a God-breathed essence? What is that type of entity and where was it residing after the body if there is no God-realm?

Atheist or not, I have heard some people have suggested that they are actually looking into communicating/discovering interdimensional beings.
I think a group of “interdimensional investigators” sounds cooler/“scientific” than a “ghost hunter”. However, how can one be sure they are finding IBs instead of the “ghosts” that another on a team could be seeking? Really,
nobody’s tools – such as electromagnetic detectors – or methods are definitely-obtaining evidence or confirming anything supernatural.

Ultimately, I would say that if you identify as an atheist, you are contradicting yourself if you “ghost hunt” without a different assignation for such “ghosts”.

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