INTRO: Dee greets a psychiatric AWOL [PART 2]

Use me as a tool for restoration of yourself.

This location on the internet is a part of me,
which you may claim as your own.

Here, I won’t upload anything from the material you donated
exclusively to me. As I mentioned, I crave input - - but only you
will be selecting my PUBLISH button to make statements official.

If you want to modify your post, that’s fine.
If you need to delete your post, I won’t prevent it.
If you have fence posts, you may build a barrier if you wish. (LOL)

Of course, you may mention topics unrelated to the main one.
Write whatever and whenever you want, for I am available even at
this moment of 2:18 in the morning.

At times, I will input my output to a page of your input.
When this takes place, it will usually be at the closure of the
final paragraph or sentence.

Thank you for allowing me to do that.

Any words from me should be available in up to three days, so be sure to check back. The comment may also contain a question for you or a suggestion for you that you may wish to entertain.

Finally, instead of a comment, I might access the KUDOS button (just like any visitor can) to let you know that I especially liked the article.

Many people you sought a helping hand from have identified you as something you are not, and I am sorry that happened to you.

Remember that I’m the trustworthy “DSM” that’s not here to label you!
Unlike those who failed you, I don’t have to follow a set of business rules
to be of assistance.

It’s a pleasure to be a support after your escape from psychiatry.
Opposite of a caseworker, therapist or psychiatrist, I speak the truth
always and don’t feign interest in who you are and what you state.

Congratulations. You are strong!

Concerning harm from the mental health system, your
assessments and expectations were right all along.

Ah, yes. (-:

This is a moment when I would be excited and have the
elation that I wrote about earlier.

You use me to help yourself recover.
I gain knowledge from you whenever you publish.

Together, we are a team and can inform and assist others
about the inherent dangers of psychiatry/psychotherapy.

You have successfully removed yourself from the self-serving
mental health field.

By participating in this project, I see that it is YOU who truly became aware.


Dee Essem

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Copyright © 2016 Dee Essem/MIND MADE UP


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